Work with Gamechangers

Senior Product Designer at Framer
Amsterdam, NL

As a senior product designer at Framer, you’ll work on the Framer X app and all products that are a part of the Framer Ecosystem. Ideally, you have experience working in a startup environment and can collaborate cross-functionally with content, growth, and especially engineering. Senior product designers at Framer can confidently identify areas for improvement, come up with possible solutions and proposals, as well as iterate, implement, and drive releases that improve our product.

What you’ll do

  • Drive teammates towards shippable solutions to a given problem and work towards a clear proposal through multiple iterations
  • Provide high-quality mockups and prototypes
  • Collaborate closely with an engineer to keep track of implementation, maintain app quality, find bugs, and provide reproduction paths
  • Continuously validate the user experience of shipped solutions and look for low-effort improvements with the highest impact


Your background


  • Experience collaborating with people from other departments
  • Experience working on a mobile, web, or desktop products
  • Ability to drive product feature releases with tight deadlines
  • A good understanding of the design tool industry