Work with Gamechangers

VP, Operations at Hinge Health
San Francisco, CA, US

Hinge Health’s mission is to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic conditions by digitizing the delivery of care - starting with musculoskeletal health. Our vision is to be the world’s most patient-centered Digital Hospital. We’re already achieving remarkable outcomes - helping people overcome chronic pain, avoid surgeries, return to work, and get back to doing the things they love. We've raised $126M to date and are on track to grow our team from 200 to 400 in 2020.

We are looking for a seasoned executive to join our senior leadership team as a close partner to the founders. At Hinge Health, we see Operations not as a back-office, box-ticking function. We see operational excellence as a necessity for success, and as a genuine competitive advantage. As our VP Operations, you will be an integral part of strategic company decisions, and will be afforded significant autonomy and authority to effect organizational change.


        Supply Chain & Fulfillment: Working with Head of Supply Chain, maintain 100% reliability through 3.5x annual growth. Reduce unit costs by 15%.
        Clinical Ops: Provide operational expertise to R&D, Clinical, and Coaching teams. Help (a) scale the team to deliver on 3.5x more users, and (b) increase User:Coach ratio, while (c) maintaining outcomes.
        BizOps: Directly or via the BizOps team, support/lead cross-functional projects that keep the company effective & efficient through 2x headcount growth. Facilitate autonomous & high-quality decision making.
        Team: Grow a lean, motivated, high-performance team.
        Finance, Legal, ITSec: Support / coordinate independent, senior execs in their efforts to (a) develop audit-ready processes, and (b) help the company see these functions as enablers, not gate-keepers.


        Change management: Able to influence stakeholders to effect (difficult) organizational change. Thoughtful approach from planning to monitoring.
        Prioritization: Able to get things done in an environment with many competing demands.
        Resilient & adaptable: Able to roll with the punches, when things invariably break during scale. Effective fire-fighter.
        Systems thinker: Highly analytical. Able to break down a problem. Build robust models / frameworks.


        We pride ourselves on our mission-driven, healthy, high-performance culture. Here is how we see our five company values apply to this role in particular.
        Trust: True owner’s mentality. Always keeping an eye on how we can get better as a team and company.
        Learn-it-all (vs know-it-all): Generalist. Able to quickly learn how to hire & manage in a new area.
        Hustle: Creative problem-solver
        Effective communication: Communicates complex topics in an easy-to-understand way, verbal & written.
        Frugal: Able to drive efficiency throughout the org.


        Competitive compensation with meaningful stock options
        Medical, dental, vision
        401K match
        3 months paid parental leave
        Daily lunch
        Professional Development budget
        Monthly wellness benefit
        Generous mental health stipend
        Noise-cancelling headphones
        Work from home policy
        Opportunity to join a fantastically talented, diverse, and passionate team at a pivotal time in the company’s lifecycle