SRE Engineer / DevOps Engineer at Omio
Berlin, DE
Omio is a 100% Kubernetes-native company. All our workloads run on Kubernetes and we follow trunk-based development. We are looking for a Senior SRE Engineer with a special interest in solving infrastructure problems. You are passionate about the new era of cloud-native solutions. You have a good understanding of system architectures and components: compute, storage, networking, databases etc. You like solving Ops problems by writing code/scripts and embrace the concept of infrastructure as code. You will help us scale out our infrastructure and operations in a decentralised environment that promotes the speed of our organization.

We are a team that not only supports developers on their software development cycle but, is focused on building useful tooling across the whole organisation, defining clear boundaries on the usage and expectations. Our approach to solve problems is: contract first, tooling second. For more information check out our blog post.

If you like operating infrastructure and you are attached to large scale, high-performance web systems, please have a look at our requirements:

4+ years of experience in DevOps role in a Linux/Unix environment

Hands-on experience with container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes

Experience in any one of scripting and dynamic languages (Bash, Python, Node or Go)

Experience with Cloud providers e.g Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Experience managing platforms that require high availability; you are comfortable digging in, from Operating System to Networking Stacks to resolve incidents

Have used Terraform and/or similar IaC/Automation tools

You have a mindset of Observability and have used monitoring systems like Prometheus and monitoring dashboards with Grafana or something similar

Good written and verbal communication skills in English,

Bonus when you have prior experience with:

Experience with Service Mesh

Experience with ELK

Experience with Couchbase

Familiarity with Cassandra or similar technologies

Familiarity with Graphite

What you will do:

Design, build, Own and operate Omio’s cloud and kubernetes-native infrastructure and make sure it scales out further from our current 300+ microservices

Maximize developer velocity by providing them with self service tools to build and run their services

Monitor and proactively maintain our platform services : Kubernetes, CI/CD, internal tooling for logging, alerting, monitoring  etc.

Strive to minimize risk of issues or outages and take periodic on-call shifts for the infrastructure we maintain.

Support our developers with all your  knowledge and be a communicator to the whole tech organisation of the changes that we introduce and how we adopt best practices with continuous automation

You can browse our up-to-date infrastructure stack in A snippet here:

Kubernetes Engine as the core, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for physical infrastructure

Integrations with Kubernetes API: template rendering, authorisation, validation, event watchers, etc.

Docker, Terraform

Fully automated CI/CD on the scale of 500 microservices.

Logs stack on ELK.

Monitoring with Graphite stack.

NoSQL Document database with Couchbase.

TCP/HTTP Load Balancing and Proxying.

NodeJS, Python, Go, Bash.

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