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Software Engineer, Applied Machine Learning (Ads Ranking) at SmartNews
Tokyo, JP

SmartNews is a technology company with a mission of “Delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it”. We have a leading mobile news app that is used by tens of million of monthly active users in Japan and the U.S. Our challenge is to grow SmartNews to be a leading global product to deliver quality information that will support millions around the world.

To accomplish such challenge, machine learning on core Advertisement Ranking system is crucial in building a profitable advertisement ecosystem to support the company's aggressive growth.


Our engineers come from variety of backgrounds from large, well-established companies to small ventures. We believe that employees with diverse sets of skills working together makes for strong, cohesive teams.

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【Machine Learning Engineer Responsibilities】

Machine Learning engineer for Ads Ranking is responsible for Deep Neural Network (DNN) based machine learning architecture, and scaling core-ranking system by solving a range of online prediction, recommendation, and optimization problems with engineering and mathematical thinking to maximize ads revenue and performance.

  • Develop Ads Ranking core systems and algorithms to generate relevant ads that leads to the growth of profitable ads-ecosystem (e.g ads targeting, ranking, auction, strategy, model serving reliability, etc)
  • Build highly scalable machine learning/deep learning systems/models to improve ads ranking quality. Relevant model types include but are not limited to user click through rate (CTR), user conversion (CVR), prediction model, and user targeting model.
  • Collaborate closely with cross functional teams, such as product managers and product specialists, to achieve improvements and efficiency of ads auction and bidding strategies by releasing new algorithms
  • Collaborate closely with backend engineers to develop scalable ads ranking and delivery system


  • BS degree or above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Science (physics or mathematics) or other relevant majors
  • 3+ years experience in the prediction, optimization, or other relevant systems for the online web service (e.g online advertisement, content recommendation, etc)
  • Experience in making business impact through machine learning, deep learning, or mathematical optimization (e.g achieving increase of revenue of the business or user volume of the service)
  • Familiar with architecture and implementation mechanism of at least one mainstream machine learning programming framework (TensorFlow/Pytorch/MXNet/etc)
  • Business level English

【Preferred Qualifications】

  • M.S. or Ph.D in the relevant major
  • Experience in AWS, SpringBoot, MySQL, Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Have participated in development for high traffic web services (for example, experience in backend engineering in ads-delivery server.)
  • Experience in ads industry
  • Have basic understandings of statistics, and various mathematics at a liberal arts level. Knowledge in game theory and auction theory.
  • Business level Japanese


【Benefits and Perks】

  • Support programs for self-improvement and career development (language learning, etc.)
  • SmartKitchen - Healthy lunch on a daily basis for free (Tokyo Office)
  • ChikyuCoffee - Delicious coffee provided by our Barista every day (Tokyo Office)
  • Transportation coverage (maximum 50,000 yen)
  • Various social insurance benefits included